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Little Hurrahs has been teaching BSL-based Baby and Toddler sign for over 5 years, working with families, carers, Pre-school and Nursery Setting and many other groups and organisations.


It has been a fantastic, challenging and life-changing half-decade, and now we are tinkering away in the background to bring you something new, something different, something far-reaching and (dare we say) phenomenal.


So, if you are: 

  • A Parent or Primary Carer of a child aged 0-5 years old

  • A Professional working in Children's Audiology Support

  • A professional working with hearing families who have a D/deaf or Hearing Impaired child

  • An Early Years Child Care Setting

  • A Childminder or Nanny

  • A Primary School based in England or Wales

  • A Community Group looking to do something fund and inclusive...

Watch this space - I will be bringing all the fun, joy and benefits of using BSL with children to YOU

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