'Bump to 3 Months'

Expectant and New Parent Support

Baby's Clutch

If you are 36weeks+ pregnant or have a little one aged 0-3 months, and you would like to connect with other parents, explore what a gentle parenting style can do for you and your family, learn to use BSL-based baby signs, bond with and communicate with your newborn, and get practical tips & advice -  or if just need to be heard - these are the sessions for you.

What Is It?

  • Classes are run in 6-week blocks. Once you book one, you have access to all 6, and you're welcome to join as and when suits you, giving you the flexibility to work around bad night's sleep, vaccinations, health visitors, family, visitors, and nappy explosions as they occur.

  • Weekly sessions with Jo giving you the time to explore essential parenting topics ranging from Sleep to Parenting Values, and probably Poo, and almost definitely Coffee & Cake, bringing you tips and techniques tailored to your specific situation, and to help if you are getting stuck anywhere.

  • Incredible online support pack from Little Signers Club, broken down into bite-size chunks, covering key topics, from Infant Mental Health to Communication Development, plus online videos to help you and your little one really get to know each other.

  • Access to closed Facebook Group for Q&A, chat and additional support.

  • ONLINE classes available

  • FACE TO FACE classes now open for booking



"Jo is an excellent moderator and teacher with really sensible suggestions. Jo also has a wealth of knowledge, she is happy to share her learnings and as new parents, we really appreciated it." - Blue, Mama to Elizabeth