My Baby Signs

My Baby Signs

What do you want, as a parent?

You want give your little ones the best possible chance in life.
You want them to feel safe
You want them to feel loved
You want them to feel heard and understood.


And you also want them to sleep, you want them to stop pooing out the leg of their nappy and you want to know why they are screaming in the middle of the afternoon, or why they suddenly won't eat the porridge that they devoured yesterday.

The 'Baby Signing Basics' course, designed by the UK's leading Baby and Toddler expert, Shelley Ensor, and delivered by your very own Jo from Little Hurrahs, will bring you all of the above. Yes, really. (OK, I might not be able to fix the 'leaky poo' situation).

"Jo has taught us so much and given invaluable advice on how to settle and care for our babies. I really appreciate it from the bottom of my heart" -Neeta, baby signing mama

With access to our exclusive Facebook group and live classes with Jo, you will also be able to share ideas, and ask those 'is it normal' questions with parents around the UK. If you want to know that the things you do and say today will mean your baby grows into a happy, resilient, brilliant human adult who is able to live their best life, this is for you.

And it doesn't have to be hard. With our 'My Baby Signs' 7 week course, you and your little one set the pace, and I will be there to guide and support. The plan means you get to put proven actions in place, one week, one day, one hour at a time so that neither you nor your family feel overwhelmed.

Live chats, group chats with other parents just like you, and regular emails from me, plus a set of tools to dip in and out of at any hour of the day (or night), guaranteed improvements at the end of the course - and all for less than a weekly latte? Just 7 weeks to find your parenting ease and change your familly forever.

This course will be limited to 10 families at a time and will start on 16th March 2022. It will be the FINAL time Little Hurrahs delivers baby and toddler signing classes, so don't miss out.

The first five families to book will get 50% off the full course price, using the code 'Final50'



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Jo Emmerson - Founder of Little Hurrahs & Tired Mama.

Feminist, Proud Member of the LGBTQ+ Community, BLM Ally, Respectful Parenting Advocate, Baby and Toddler Signing Expert, Signature Qualified BSL User, Mum of Two Pickles, Servant To Two Cats and Drinker of All The Coffee.