Parents' Evening

Parents' Evening


Could you use a little help to unpick your child's behaviour and find a solution to those tears and tantrums?

Sounds like hard work? It's not! Honestly! I know, when you're in the thick of it, overwhelmed and stressed out, it can be hard to work out what to do for the best, but I've got you. We can do this.

In addition to going through the challenges of parenting myself, I have worked with 100s of families just like yours, with children just like yours. My experience and a little distance from the situation means that I am able to see the causes for your little ones behaviours. Even better, I am able to suggest simple and effective strategies to help you and your family either change the patterns or ride it out, calmly and with less stress all round.

"That was brilliant. Many thanks Jo" - Ivonne, Parents' Evening Member

These sessions are lead by you and parents just like you, and show you EXACTLY how to put steps in place to help you understand, change and cope with even the most challenging behaviours in a way which will help you shape the mental and emotional health of your child for many many years to come.

These early years are precious. They are the time when you are creating the adult your child will become. And it is OK to want support in getting that right. We've got you.

Here's what's coming up:
4th April: Play nicely! From new siblings to new friends. How to help your child feel confident and kind in new situations.
9th May: Name it to recall it. How memory is essential to your child's ability to learn, and how to support memory recall. (NOTE - this session will be a week late to allow for early May bank holiday)
6th June: Feeding time at the zoo? Meal time chaos and how to calm it
4th July: Escape Room - can you get out of your house in the morning in less than 45 minutes?
1st August: Independent play and staying sane during the holidays


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Jo Emmerson - Founder of Little Hurrahs & Tired Mama.

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