Little Signers Club®

Little Hurrahs™ is delighted to deliver baby signing classes under licence to, and supported by,

multi-award winning, expert-endorsed, Little Signers club® 


Integrity and nurture are at the very heart of Little Signers club®. When you attend a class bearing the Little Signers club® logo, you'll find that the focus is on early bonding and attachment, infant and maternal mental health as well as the respectful care of young children.


Little Signers club® classes are relaxed and welcoming, with Leaders who take extra care to support your parenting journey. Parents and carers in our classes find that they build enduring friendships and experience shared understanding. With one in four birthing-parents and one in ten partners likely to suffer with postnatal depression, mostly in silence, Little Signers club® provides a gentle, non-judgmental safe space for everyone.







Baby Signing Basics™

A structured, informative introduction to parenting with baby signing. Covering key topics and signs, each session of this 12-week course gently guides you through your baby’s communication development and helps you to understand how baby signing supports this.  Fun, relaxed and focussed on practical outcomes too. Once you have finished this course, you will be confident in your ability to use simple signs with your baby, know exactly what to expect from your baby as they start to sign and have a repertoire of useful signs to take them through their signing day.

Recommended for children of all abilities and languages, aged 5-18 months.


Sing, Sign & Rhyme™

These sessions are lively, informal classes which are ideal for little ones of all ages, either as a follow on from our popular Baby Signing Basics™ course which you may have already attended, or as a topical introduction to getting started with signing with your little one. Based around an engaging theme each week, there is plenty of singing, signing and popular rhymes to gently engage your baby or toddler – and a gentle social time for parents too.

Recommended for children of all abilities and languages, aged 5 months to 3 years.


​Fourth Trimester™

Our lovely Fourth Trimester Circle was developed specifically to support parents through the last stages of pregnancy and into the first three months after birth. The need to connect with others who understand our joys, fears, questions and general life-changing experience is enormous. Little wonder that the circles and friendships we form around us at this time are those that tend to last for years to come. These gentle classes, complete with a beautiful online support pack, are exactly the place for you to meet your new-parent friends and form those crucial bonds.

Recommended for Expectant and New Parents from 36 weeks pregnant to 20 weeks postnatal.


Toddler Toolkit™

Toddlers are amazing. Exhausting, yes. Frustrating, often. But nonetheless, amazing. This course is designed to help parents and carers to support their toddlers to unlock their full potential for joy, fascination, cooperation, and learning. With the signs, tools and techniques provided in the class – supported by a beautiful online resource pack – parents and carers can create the foundations for children to reach their fulfilment, long before they are able to use speech to describe needs, wants and interests.



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Little Signers club® classes are supported and endorsed by speech, language and communication experts, child development experts and set the standard for baby signing in the UK. Truly unique in their structure and ability to adapt to the changing needs of a group, classes focus on signing and communication, bonding and attachment, responsive and respectful care, life skills and core competencies, and are delivered under licence by BSL-qualified, fully trained, Leaders.

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Baby signing - the Little Signers Club way - gives children the tools to communicate, with clarity, before speech begins. The outcome is that babies are happier, parents are less stressed, bonding is enhanced – and parenting is actually fun! For over a decade Little Signers Club, and its community of licensees, has guided tens of thousands of families and early years settings in the ‘hows and whys’ of baby signing.