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14 Apr 2021

Lockdown? In, Out, In, Out, Shake It All About...

Jo Emmerson

In case you're wondering why I'm not jumping for joy at the possibility of being able to run face to face classes again, (and OH how I wish I could), now that restrictions are easing, here are a few of the reasons.... 😢

1) This latest bit of guidance from the Government: "if singing needs to take place, it should only be the group leader and children aged under five (where necessary) who participate' (many thanks @happity for keeping up abreast of changes and for championing the sector!). If you've ever been to one of my classes, you'll know that singing 🎵 is a big part of what we do - of how I teach, of how parents remember the tips I share.

2) Cost (I know, I shouldn't talk about it, but, I'm a small business, it's essential.) I now need to book venues for an extra 30 minutes either side of each 45 minute session to allow me to properly clean and sterilise🔎. And I can only safely offer places to, at most, 2/3 of the normal class size. So where I was making a small income before Covid, these restraints would wipe out all profit. And I love you all dearly, but a girl has to be able to put coffee in the mug.

3) I can't run classes outside in the park 🌳⛄. Apart from the admin involved in getting permission from the land owners (usually councils) and making sure my public liability covers everyone and everything from dog poo to needles to broken bottles to allergies etc - have you seen outside? It's snowing! In April! I just can't predict that and I hate cancelling classes last minute.

4) I do genuinely love the flexibility of running online classes - flexibility for parents. The fact that you never have to miss a class because LO slept in, or there was a poonami just as you left the house. You can rewatch the highlights at any time. You can have a free coffee during the class ☕ You can come in your PJs. You don't have to bundle LO in to hat, gloves, pramsuit, suncream, etc. You don't have to wear a mask in class. You can still make connections and make friends and have fun and learn fantastic tips and techniques to make life easier. Your house doesn't smell like a heavily sterilised village hall and other people's feet (I hope).🥴

So, you see, it's not that I don't want to see you all. Really, it's not. And as soon as I can see a safe, consistent way to make it happen, I'll be shouting it from the roof tops📣.

But until then, come and join me for an online drop in or two, I'd love to see your faces.😍

Jo x

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