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1 Nov 2021

R-E-S-P-E-C-T - find out what it means to me

Jo Emmerson

We've all heard it said - 'young people these days, they've got no respect'. Usually followed by some sketchy argument for bringing back the cane in schools or national service, naughty steps, time outs or some other kind of punishment.

But, what if the reason 'young people have no respect these days' is that we don't really know how to teach it.

What if all those people talking about punishments were really creating children - and adults - who know how to fear authority and tailor their behaviours to please someone else.

What if we expect teenagers to be respectful, but we forget to extend that same respect to our babies, because... well, they're babies and we just have to Get Stuff Done.

What if we have gotten into a bit of a mess with parenting techniques, from being too authoritative, too permissive, too protective, too tired to argue, too tired not to argue...

What if there was a really beautiful and simple solution to help parents find the connection, find that 'ah, yes, this is how parenting should feel'?

What if the answer is in a baby signing class:

Come and join me for an informal, parent's-only chat on Monday 6th December to look at what consent and respect actually is and how we can start to introduce it to our children right now.

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