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30 Sept 2021

Sleep Signing

Jo Emmerson

It shouldn't have come as a surprise when our son, Ollie, started signing in his sleep - his mama is a sleep talker. 🙄

But yes, our little man 'talks' in his sleep.

The first time he did this was when he was around 16 months old. It was Christmas and he was obsessed with Jingle Bells, and signing the song. Not for the first time I had a brief moment of regret for teaching him the sign for 'again' - Ollie would have me singing Jingle Bells over and over for 40 minutes at a time if I let him 😂.

They were also singing it at his old nursery where I used to lead a weekly signing session. So it makes sense that his first 'sleep signing' episode should be that song.

He was gently nodding off on me one evening, heading to the point where I could put him down without disturbing him when his hands suddenly flickered to life, signing 'bells' and 'horse'. 🥰

This lasted for no more than 20 seconds and afterwards, he was absolutely fast asleep, but I was so glad that he was still falling asleep on us at that point. I have seen him do it a few times again since and it always brings a smile, to know that he is having a lovely dream as he drifts off. He's 4 years old now and still signs in his sleep now and then - it tends to be 'dinosaur' and 'PJ Masks' these days though!

What song is your little one obsessed with? And do you sign it with them?

Jo x

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