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31 Mar 2021

What Happens In A Little Hurrahs Class?

Jo Emmerson

Time flies in a Little Hurrahs class. One minute we’ll be saying hello, the next we’re singing ‘Twinkle Twinkle’ and saying goodbye.

It will feel like you had a chat, sang some nursery rhymes and had some fun, used your brain a little. All of that will be true, but there’s much more happening that you won’t even notice, for instance…

• You are helping your little one communicate months before they are able to speak.
• You are learning signs which are specific to you and your family and lifestyle.
• You are learning a new way to bond with your little one, a bond which is built on principles of respectful and responsive parenting.
• You are gaining the tools to support your little one's speech and communication development for years to come.
• You are learning how to reduce frustration and prevent many of those toddler tantrums.
• You are learning how to spot the signs that your little one is engaged and likely to start signing back to you.
• You are making new friends with like-minded families who will share tips and ideas and support.
• You will leave the class feeling more supported and more in control.
• You will love watching your little one engage with the world around them.
• You are giving your little one an 18-month head start in their language development.
• Parents with more than one language at home will give little ones a huge advantage in their speech and communication development.

And - you’ll learn elements of British Sign Language which you will be able to use in all sorts of situations in your day-to-day life.

Come along for a class or a term - you’ll be amazed at how much your little one has to tell you when you give them the tools!

See you soon,

Jo :)

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