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30 Apr 2021

What Is Baby Signing?

Jo Emmerson

British Sign Language-based Baby Signing is the ULTIMATE PARENTING HACK.

You may never have heard of it, or you may think it sounds a bit 'woo woo' but ask anyone who has been to a Little Signers Club licenced class (we are a small but beautiful team) will tell you that it's better than magic.


Baby Signing, our way, provides connection, reassurance, trust and deep understanding.

It's not a fad, or another set of meaningless parenting goals. Signing is a skill for like, and our classes are founded in the most up to date parenting and child development expertise. We are supported - and approved - by Speech and Language Development Specialists, to ensure you and your little one have access to the best advice and support.

Learning to sign with Little Hurrahs will give your little one a head start for life.

Simple, effective tools, for every family - that really work
Who's it for?
Baby Signing Basics(TM) from Little Signers Club, delivered by Little Hurrahs is for every child aged roughly 4 - 20 months (with a little wriggle room). Our gentle course is designed to help every child to excel and every family to find calm and joy, creating stronger bonds and cherished memories.

Each term, we explore a weekly parenting topic, and our Grown-Ups are supported to gradually increase their BSL signing vocab, picking out the signs which are relevant to each unique family, giving everyone a tailored experience to reflect their own family set-up and interests.

Topics Covered
Very First Signs | Family | Getting Ready | Health & Well Being | Weaning | Activities & Toys | Bath & Bed Time

IF you would love to know what your little one is thinking, would like to swap the screams, pointing and frustration for clear, calm, understandable communication - if you would like to feel more in control - like someone finally gave you the manual, then this is the course for you. Come join us!

Watch 13month old Elise tell her mama she's ready for nap - yes, really!

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