Little Reading Challenge

We all want our little ones to be able to read – that’s obvious. 

We all need to be able to read, we can’t get by without it. But how can we help our children to foster a deep love of reading?


From giving the  youngest children the images and language to make sense of their big feelings, to encouraging self-esteem,

confidence, self-awareness and resilience in our tweens and teens, reading is a vital element of our children’s mental health toolkit, especially after the Covid-19 pandemic, and all of the anxiety and upheaval that came with it.

With that in mind, Little Hurrahs would like to invite you to join our June Reading Challenge!

The Challenge:

Throughout June, can you and your little one(s) read one new book every day?

Make use of the library, swap books with friends, hit the charity shops – it needn’t be an expensive challenge!


For every book you read, answer the 10 short questions below.


Your answers can be short, but over the month you’ll get a real sense of the kinds of books you and your little ones enjoy and what holds their attention as you help them develop this essential skill.

Extra Challenge:

And whilst we're at it, let's think about parental mental health! Get sponsored for completing your reading challenge and let's support the essential work carried out by Pandas Foundation. Click here for the Sponsorship Form!

challenge questions

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