Hickory Dickory What?!

Ever wondered what a 'Hickory Dickory was? Or why Mary was quite so contrary?

Each month I will bring you the stories behind some of our best-loved and least understood British nursery rhymes, with downloads and videos for you to enjoy.

If you have a particular favourite rhyme and would like to share it with us, or would like to know the signs for it - get in touch: jo@littlehurrahs.co.uk

Have fun!

Cartoon Pig
Black Sheep
Ribbon on Spool

Are you sitting comfortably? Here is our current nursery rhyme, the lyrics, and the story behind it for you to enjoy and share with your little ones at home.

You will find that most of these rhymes have a political history, and some of them are quite gory - don't let that put you off sharing them! To our children they are just a fun, silly rhyme that they enjoy sharing with you, because whether you are Beyonce or tone deaf, what children love to hear most is the sound of your voice. 

Story Of The Month
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