Hickory Dickory What?!

Ever wondered what a 'Hickory Dickory was? Or why Mary was quite so contrary?

Each month I will bring you the stories behind some of our best-loved and least understood British nursery rhymes, with downloads and videos for you to enjoy.

If you have a particular favourite rhyme and would like to share it with us, or would like to know the signs for it - get in touch: jo@littlehurrahs.co.uk

Have fun!

Cartoon Pig
Black Sheep
Ribbon on Spool
Rhyme Of The Month

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Discover the weird and wonderful history of these stories, some of which date back to Ancient Egypt! Most nursery rhymes have a political history, and some of them are quite gory - don't let that put you off sharing them. 


To our children, they are just a fun, silly rhyme that they enjoy sharing with you, because whether you are Beyoncé or tone-deaf, what children love to hear most is the sound of your voice. 

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Each month we will spend up to an hour exploring a topic or theme pulled from the two most recent nursery rhymes. Baby(/toddler) brain moments will be limited as the songs and rhymes will help you put tips into place as part of your everyday routine.

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