'Time In Toolkit(TM)'

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Get The Time In Toolkit(TM) On Demand

Self-led, self-paced parenting essentials from Little Signers Club(R)

The Ultimate Resource Pack for parents to safely and gently support children back 'normality' and catch up after the Covid-19 Pandemic.

Only £37 for 'on demand' unlimited access to this MUST HAVE kit.

What You Get:

  • Little Hands:  six baby signing topic packs designed especially with life at home,  being very safe and feeling overwhelmed in mind.

  • Head, Hands and Happy Hearts: our gentle and informative series of workshops, all about baby signing and how to get the best from it.

  • Bonus #1: Very First Signs; the signs that make the biggest different for the longest time.

  • Bonus #2: Big Feelings; getting to the heart of stress and distress, quickly and easily.

  • Bonus #3: Sea Dreams Meditation; a moment of calm and a chance to reset for days when it all feels wrong.

  • Bonus #4: Two Words That Calm and Connect; the secret to de-escalating frustration before it begins. 

  • Bonus #5: Creating Chaos from Calm; gentle tips for easing frustration and co-regulation.

  • Bonus #6: Now and Next; smoothing the path for fuss free transitions.